Factors Associated with Timely First Antenatal Care Booking Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinics in Asella Town Public Health Institutions, Arsi Zone Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia, 2017

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Addis Ababa University


Background: The burden of maternal mortality is the issue of both developed and developing countries, especially sub-Saharan Africa including Ethiopia. This is known due to poor quality of maternal health care services. Almost all causes of maternal death are preventable, so ANC is the entry point to tackle those causes of maternal death as well as complications during pregnancy. However, early initiation of first ANC visit is not well practiced in country Ethiopia according to evidences different literatures. Due to this reason many mothers died because of pregnancy complications. Objective: To assess factors associated with timely booking of first antenatal care visit among pregnant women attending ANC clinics in Asella town public health institutions, Ethiopia,2017 Methods: Facility based Cross-Sectional study design was conducted from March – April, 2017 to assess the timing of first ANC booking and associated factors on 334 pregnant women. Study subjects were selected by using systematic random sampling. Data was collected by 3 BSc midwives recruited from other health facility and supervised by one Ass. Lecturer. Data was collected by questionnaire and entered onto a computer using Epi-info 7 statistical program then exported to SPSS version 22 for analysis. Logistic regression model was used to predict timing of first ANC booking and associated factors. Lastly, Significant of statistical association was assured or tested using 95% confidence interval (CI) and p value (<0.05). Results: The study revealed that only 37% of the study respondents were started first ANC visit timely. Husband involvement(AOR=8.17,3.15-21,P=0.0001), pregnancy related complications (AOR= 2.83,1.21-6.56,P=0.016), Birth experience(AOR= 2.54,1.42-4.56,p=0.002), Knowledge on time begin ANC(AOR=5.6,3.32-945,P=0.0001),Payment of service (AOR=0.534,0.319- 0.895,p=0.017),waiting time (AOR=0.557,0.318-0.977,P=0.041) have shown significant association with timely booking of first ANC. Conclusion: The proportion of pregnant mothers who practiced timely booking is low. Keyword: Timing of first antenatal booking; Pregnancy; Antenatal care; Asella town



Timing of first antenatal booking, Pregnancy, Antenatal care, Asella town