The Ethnic Attitudes of Addis Ababa Police Commission Investigators Towards Detainees

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Addis Ababa University


Attitudes towards ethnic groups have become a significant topic for research. The aim of this paper was to research the ethnic attitude of Police Investigators towards detainees. As Plause (2007) forwarded no one gifted of human thought and speech is resistant from prejudice but with sufficient motivation and awareness it can be reduced. The research started by looking whether there is ethnic prejudice in Addis Ababa Police Investigation Departments or not through pilot survey. After verification and getting some hints of the source of the ethnic prejudice the research continued by identifying the cause as the institution problem that comes mainly from the government structure and officials ' ethnic prejudice towards detectives and the second source of problem is the individual personality problem. The analysis was done by identifying and comparing the responses based on four major ethnic groups. 88 police detectives were chosen randomly from Addis Ababa Police Investigation Department and four sub city police stations to complete the questionnaire. In addition interviews were conducted with 93 detainees and former detainees to check whether they perceived or experienced ethnic prejudice at the time of detention. One- way- ANOVA, Chi Square, and Tukey HSD Post Hoc test were employed in the analysis of the results. The obtained result portrayed the existence of ethnic prejudice of police detectives towards detainees. On the other hand significant mean differences were found between the 'Tigrie' ethnic group respondents, and each of the three ethnic group respondents ('Oromo', 'Amhara', and 'Others' ethnic groups). This research paper gives a unique perspective on the ethnic attitude of Addis Ababa Police detectives towards detainees.



Police Investigators towards detainees