Context Aware Diary Builder (Cadb)

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Addis Ababa University


The major attempt of pervasive computing is to reduce the required user effort in using applications in their surrounding by identifying and recognizing resources; and reacting automatically based on their interest. Spontaneous interaction of heterogeneous resources to achieve context awareness requires the detection of entities together with its description in smart space environment (such as location, status, capability, history, etc). Once resources in smart space environment are identified; application developer can produce pervasive application that is required in the daily life of the society. There are a number of researches in pervasive computing that aim at improving our daily life. This research work emphasizes on producing and introducing a new way of diary capturing for users in their day-to-day activities. Shortly we claim that our research work is a technology driven study as a result of advancement in smart space environment and mobile computing competence. This thesis work, proposed an architecture for Context Aware Diary Builder (CADB) along with a number of algorithms used to realize it. The architecture of CADB consists of four layers; i) Acquisition Layer (deals with extraction of context information from various sensors and user’s profile); ii) Context Aggregator Layer (deals with characterization of sensor data via a preprocessor, feature extractor and context classifier components); iii) Context Reasoner Layer (reasoning on the user’s context by using ontology and rule based reasoner); and iv) Application layer (deals with how user’s view their daily activity annexed with date information). Moreover, this study indicates a new way of context agreement/negotiation deployed at the second layer of the CADB architecture. It was used a multi-agent system to achieve context agreement/negotiation. Six software agents were introduced and used to facilitate and simplify the diary writing process. Key Word: Pervasive Computing, Diary, Multi-Agent-System, Context Aware Diary Builder



Word;Pervasive Computing; Diary; Multi-Agent-System; Context aware Diary Builder