Impacts of Rolling Stock Maintenance Practices on Light Rail Transit Operational Performance

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Addis Ababa University


Addis Ababa population has rapidly grown and as the population grew, traffic increased with associated problems such as traffic jam, pollution and Due to the economic growth, there is increasing transport demand and growing mobility needs of people but there is Lack of transport infrastructure (limited connectivity). Thus, long queues for very long time particularly at peak hours are getting additional rife drawback that affects operation time, thence reliability of railway operation system. In fact, delays in railway networks causes drawback in daily operation and result for reduced reliability, availability. The general objective of this research was to study the impacts of rolling stock maintenance practices on Light Rail Transit operational performance while had to be delimited to the Light rail as one of transportation means in Ethiopia especially Addis Ababa, in Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit North South Line. Research type used is qualitative one and collection of data methods are both primary and secondary data in order to acquire good results for the study. Data were analysed using Microsoft excel 2013 for all four years; from 2015 to 2019. The calculated operational availability shows that it is higher than 99.8% which is showing that even if there are failures they didn’t have big bad impact on the operation as many of them few caused trip cancellation but replaced by the standby trains to continue the cancelled trip for the other train, failures occurred did take short time to be repaired as it is said by the respondents. As the transportation sector continue to be more effective, among others this is railway transportation one in which maintenance has impact, types of maintenance for rolling stock are preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance or breakdown maintenance which have impact on LRT operation depending on how they are practiced. Lack of enough machineries and spare parts in the workshop causes the low availability of trains, even if sometimes corrective maintenance causes train delay and cancellation, the availability is still high to conclude that maintenance has to continue be implemented in railway transportation. Finally, in all services, being punctual and reliable is a key to success, Data which will be produced from this study will be fruitful to AALRT and to the passengers and be productive to the country as a well and act as reference for future work.



rolling stock maintenance, Light Rail Transit operational performance