The Effect Of Training And Development On Employees Performance At United Bank Share Company

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Addis Ababa University


The study was undertaken at United Bank Share Company to assess the effect of training on Employee Performance. The purpose of the study was to investigate whether training and development would have an effect on the performance of employees with United Bank as a case study. The data were collected through primary source from questionnaires that were from sample of Two Hundred (200) staff. Self – administered questionnaire was used in the collection of data for analysis. To examine the human resource or training department has training and development program to enhance the employee’s performance to meet the stated objectives of the Bank. The study was quantitative in nature. The researcher used SPSS-20 software, descriptive statistics technique was applied on the questionnaires to examine the accuracy and authenticity of data. The data were analyzed through correlation and regression to measure the relationship between training and employees performance in the case of United Bank S.C. Finally, after the study, the researcher found that the independent variables was 34.5% with standard deviation 0.7491 of the variance contributed on employees performance of UBSC where as 64.5 of the variance can be defined by other variables. Therefore, the result implies further investigation is needed. Then, the recommendations were based on the findings which affects employees’ performance in the case of United Bank S.C.



Training,, Performance