Seismic Microzonation For Central Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study is conducted to prepare seismic microzonation map to central part of Addis Ababa City. The basic method used is the observation and analysis of microtremors. The first effort was made by Ayele (2001) based on 40 observation sites. Latter detailed study was initiated by dividing the city in to five parts namely the northeastern, northwestern, central, southeastern and southwestern parts of which the central part is the study area for this thesis. In this thesis seismicity and related hazard for Addis Ababa city and its locality, historic records, geologic conditions and effects on earthquake, and the theoretical background used in preparing microzonation maps are presented. The nature of microtremors, basic characteristics and their use in estimating site-effects is also discussed together with the method of measurement, equipments used and available tools to analyze collected data. The suitability of microtremor based site-effect study has been tested by comparison of results with solutions from one dimensional analytical model for selected sites



seismic microzonation