A Study on Efl Teachers’ Perception of Their Students’ Language Learning Strategies: Three High Schools in Addis Ababa in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the present study is to explore teachers’ perception on language learning strategy and their classroom practice. It tries to investigate if high school English teachers are aware of the idea of language learning strategies and to see if they work towards making use of it in class. For this reason, data are collected from three secondary schools in Addis Ababa through questionnaire, interview and observation. Twenty- six English teachers filled in the questionnaire and returned from which seven were interviewed and five were observed in the classroom. The collected data through questionnaire were analyzed based on mean and percentage and interpreted. The results from of the questionnaire related to the conceptual perspectives of the teachers of this study revealed that teachers have a relatively high perception of language learning strategies. This has been indicated by the calculated mean, 4 and above 4 in most cases. The results obtained from the questionnaire related to teachers practice show that they perform the activities raised about language learning strategies from ‘sometimes’ to ‘frequently’, which is somewhere high with a mean value of 2.7. The other result of the questionnaire indicates that teachers’ attitude towards the relevance of language learning strategies seem to be mildly positive. On the other hand the classroom observation results revealed that teachers are not performing the activities they claimed to do frequently in classes. The interviews with teachers further reveled that most of the teachers who were interviewed seem to confuse teaching strategies for learning strategies. For this reason, one may say that teacher’s awareness regarding the issue seems not sufficient. The results are discussed and recommendations for further research are suggested.



Language Learning Strategies: