Aquifer Characterization of Assosa Town, Benishangul-gumuz Regional State, Western Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This study assessed in Assosa catchment of Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Western Ethiopia which is aimed to characterize Assosa Town ground water systems with the help of different methods and approaches that includes desk review of hydrogeological and geological map of the region, pumping test data and the collected data has been analyzed with the help of different software applications like Aquifer test 2011.1, ArcGIS 10.1, Global Mapper16, Surfer10, Strater Demo 4 and Microsoft Excel. The study area comprises different rock units like basalt, basement outcrops, and quaternary sediments; and geological structures which was the reason for the formation of different landforms, primary and secondary permeability with porosity that contributes significant role on the aquifer properties. Aquifers developed in the area is due to secondary processes and in similar fashion, degree of variations in the groundwater productivity is mainly linked with extent of differences in the effect of these processes in the rocks. Hydrodynamic analyses of the catchment aquifers reveal that, hydraulic conductivity is ranged from 0.0677 to 1.544 m/d with a mean value of 0.59 m/d and for that of transmisivity it ranged from 2.76 to 44.3 m2/d with a mean value of 18.993 m2/d; from these hydraulic parameters and geomorphologic set up and geologic units of the area, the determined potentiality degree of the catchment aquifer is classified as moderately productive fissured aquifer, low productive fissured aquifer and aquitards/ aquicludes. Generally, the study area is mostly covered by crystalline basement rocks (hard rocks) which is regionally known to be called aquicludes; therefore, site selection for ground water investigation needs a very care full attentions due to less existence of secondary structures that enables ground water formation.



Groundwater, Aquifer, Assosa catchment, Pumping Test, Hydraulic Conductivity, Transmisivity, Ethiopia