Modelling of Photo Voltaic Solar Panel for Constant Electric Load under Weather Condition of Jigjiga

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This paper presents simulation of a typical PV panel (which is Kyocera 200GT) for constant electric loads (which are 2Ω, 4Ω, 6Ω, and 8Ω) under weather condition of a tropical region. The specific case of the city Jigjiga (9.35°N,42.8°E), located in the Eastern region of Ethiopia is considered. Electrical characteristics of the PV module are determined on the basis of detailed numerical algorithm, which was designed based on tested numerical technique from reviewed articles. The thesis starts from modeling electrical characteristics of the PV devices by taking the manufacturers data sheet or specification as input based on a single diode PV model, including the effect of the series and parallel resistances. The result is accurate and can be validated with experimental results. An optimum tilt angle that improves the annual performance of the PV panel is calculated; and every analysis of the PV system is carried on the optimum angle. Parallelly, radiation flux improvement on the PV module, due to the fixing of the PV panel to its optimum angle is analyzed for different months. The overall evaluation of the hourly variation in the electrical performance of the PV module is done by means of graphical technique, which determines the operating point of the PV module on voltage versus current plane for each load. Hourly variation in electrical performance of the PV module (i.e. current, voltage, and power output) compared for different days under 2Ω electric load. Finally, power and energy output of the PV panel is compared for each load. The 4Ω electric load resulted a best operating performance of the PV panel on a daily basis for 11 days of the month of January (out of 12 days on which measurements are taken for the month), but in the last day it resulted a poorer performance with respect to the other two electrical loads (i.e. 6Ω and 8Ω electric loads).Hence it is concluded that every weather condition doesn’t f avor a single load all the time, hence to select a single electric load for a PV panel for its optimized operation at a specific weather condition or site, the same type of analysis shall be done on annual basis.



Photo Voltaic Solar Panel, Electric Load, Jigjiga