A Contextual Framework for Improving Knowledge Sharing Among Healthcare Professionals at St. Peter’s Hospital

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Addis Ababa University


Background:- Knowledge is critical asset to individual as well as to organization. Managing this organizational key asset effectively will help the organization to be successful in this increasingly competitive environment. Knowledge sharing is a fundamental means through which employees in an organization exchange their knowledge and experience. Therefore the aim of this research project is to propose theoretical framework to drive knowledge sharing practice among healthcare professionals in St. Peter’s hospital. Objective:- The purpose of this project is to explore the current knowledge sharing practice among health professionals so as to propose contextual framework that enable to enhance knowledge flow in St. Peter’s Hospital. Methods:-A facility based quantitative and qualitative study with cross sectional study design was conducted from March to April 2015G.C. A self administered questionnaire was distributed to a total of 191 healthcare professionals of St. Peter’s hospital during the data collection period and to supplement the quantitative study in-depth interviews with department heads was conducted. The quantitative data was entered and cleaned by epinfo version 3.5.1 and analyzed using SPSS version 16. Frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation were used to describe the study population and after checking the normality of the dependent variable linear regression with 95 % confidence interval was used to assess the presence of association between the dependent and independent variable. Result:- The finding of this study shows that healthcare professionals of St. Peter’s hospital are infrequently practicing knowledge sharing. According to multivariate analysis, the factors that were independent predictors of knowledge sharing are willingness and lack of information technology. Knowledge sharing practice of healthcare professionals is by 0.10 score more in presence of willingness than absence with Aβ(95%CI):0.10[0.01, 0.20] and knowledge sharing practice is by 0.07 score less when there is lack of information technology than presence of information technology with Aβ(95%CI): -0.07[-0.12 , -0.01]. Hence a contextual framework is designed to enable information technology plays its part in enhancing knowledge sharing in the hospital. Conclusion and Recommendation:- The study St.Peter’s hospital shows that most of healthcare professionals are aware of the importance of knowledge sharing and have appropriate personality for knowledge sharing but they are not engaged in knowledge sharing frequently. So the hospital administration should plan a way to strengthen knowledge sharing practice by improving the identified contextual factors through implementing the designed contextual framework. Key words: Knowledge, knowledge sharing, knowledge sharing barriers, contextual framework.



Knowledge, knowledge sharing, knowledge sharing barriers, contextual framework