Cost Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Frames Using Genetic Algorithms

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Addis Ababa University


In this research, cost optimization of reinforced concrete plane and space frames using genetic algorithms is presented. Previous research endeavors have used highly simpli ed continuous and discrete optimization models, while ignoring constructibility. Additionally, the optimization of 3D frames was done without due consideration to shear, torsional e ects and sizing constraints. This paper constructs an optimization model with these points in mind. An integrated software architecture has been developed to implement the method, and benchmark examples were used to compare its feasibility and e ciency with the traditional assume-check design method as well as other heuristic methods. Design check procedures were based on Eurocode-2(2004). Performance and computational complexity of the algorithm is developed along with a thorough study assessing the e ect of genetic parameters such as mutation and crossover on the optimization process. The method developed proves to be superior as compared to the traditional design paradigm and heuristic methods. Keywords: Concrete Frame Optimization, Structural Optimization, Genetic Algorithms, Eurocode , Sizing Optimization, Object-Oriented Model



Concrete Frame Optimization; Structural Optimization; Genetic Algorithms; Eurocode ; Sizing Optimization; Object-Oriented Model