Teachers’ and Students’ Attitudes Towards Cooperative Learning in Selected Primary Schools in Bole Sub City, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to investigate the perception of teachers and students towards cooperative learning and thereby to examine the benefits of this method to students with special needs. To this end, a descriptive survey design was selected and the research employed various data collection methodologies and processed both primary and secondary data sources using quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques. The study was conducted among grade eight teachers and students. Eight primary schools found in bole sub city of Addis Ababa were randomly selected out of sixteen primary schools found in the sub city. A total of randomly selected 146 respondents (i.e. 66 teachers and 80 students) participated in the study by filling in the questionnaire prepared for data collection. In addition, classroom observation was conducted and interviews with students with special needs were held. The data collected was analyzed using frequency distribution, weighted mean and percentage. These were triangulated with qualitative data obtained from the observations and interviews. The findings of the study revealed that the teachers’ perception towards a cooperative learning is positive. Besides, the school teachers confirmed that this teaching method benefits more to students with special needs. Nonetheless, the student respondents strongly disagree with the relevance of a cooperative learning and considered it as wastage of time. They also lacked motivation to actively participate in this teaching method. The researcher strongly suggests that teachers should motivate the students in primary schools to use cooperative learning method for the positive effect of the students’ performance. Further research is needed for a low perception of students towards a cooperative learning need to be done thoroughly



Addis Ababa Primary Schools in Bole Sub City