Evaluation of Hydraulic Parametersi n Case of Akaki Wells on WF02-PW16 aND WF02-PW17 Wells

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Addis Ababa University


The term groundwater is usually reserved for the subsurface water that occurs beneath the water table in soils and geologic formations that are fully saturated. In recent decades it has become apparent in many countries of the world that groundwater is one of the most important natural resources. So far, in Ethiopia, groundwater is mainly utilized for the water supply purposes. It takes care at present of 70% of rural water supply and plays a major role in several of the largest cities (Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Mekelle, Bishoftu, and Harari) and a number of medium-sized towns. As capital of Ethiopian, Addis Ababa has seen greater expansions and urbanization than other major city in the country. The primary objective of this project is evaluation of pumping test data to determine the hydraulic parameter of the Akaki phase IIIA bore holes in case of WF02-PW16 and WF02-PW17 by using Theis curve matching method, Cooper Jacob and recovery method on excel sheet and aquifer test software. Akaki well phase IIIA on WF02-16, WF02-17 Wells is located between 8°45' 20" to 9°13' 17" N latitude and 38°34' 3" to 39°4'10" E longitude in Oromiya Regional State, Akaki Kality Sub city south of Addis Ababa about 20 km from the city center. Akaki well field is one of the water supply projects implemented to alleviate the prevailing unsatisfactory water supply situation at the capital city, which is an important service for one of the most water deficit areas of the city-western & central Addis Ababa. The transmissivity values obtained in this project has great variation from the study of WWDSE which accounts for 5 to 100%. These two wells analyses results have overestimated. The overestimated Transmissivity envisions good aquifer with better yield than the capacity of the aquifer.



Addis Ababa Water Supply, Akaki Phase IIIA, Single well test, Transmissivity, Storativity, well Efficiency, well yield