The Use of Authentic Materials in Teaching Listening Skills to College Students: The Cause of Bonga College of Teacher Education

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study was to investigate the use of authentic materials in teaching listening skills to college students. For selecting students, simple random sampling technique was used. Regarding the sample size, 25% of sample students from 247 total populations of students were taken to fill the questionnaire. In this regard, 62 first year language stream (i.e. students who were taking the listening course) students were randomly selected. The study also included all the available English language instructors. Three data gathering tools namely, questionnaire, interview and observation were used to collect required data. A questionnaire contains closed-ended items was administered to 62 sample students. In addition, semi-structured interview questions were held with all the available English language instructors who were offering different courses including listening skills. Classroom observation was carried out using structured checklist. Besides to this, library, English language improvement resource center observation was also carried out to check the sources and availability of authentic listening materials. To describe, delineate and explain the data gathered via the aforementioned tools, descriptive and qualitative methods were employed. Results of the study showed that listening to materials such as songs, radio/TV news, films, and recordings of short stories, telephone conversation, announcements, and different interviews; etc in English exposed students to the real language. It also revealed that instructors were aware of the use of authentic materials in teaching listening skills. In addition, it showed that instructors dominantly used non-authentic materials in listening instructions. Instructors disclosed that they had an easy access to authentic listening materials. They also indicated that students‟ level, interest, relevance and quality of the material should be considered in selecting appropriate authentic listening materials. Besides, instructors mentioned TV/video, radio, audiotapes and the internet as the main sources to obtain authentic listening materials. Finally, on the basis of the major findings and conclusions reached, recommendations have been made for EFL teachers, students and further research. Acknowledgements



Cause of Bonga College of Teacher Education