Prospects and Challenges of Women in Leadership the Case of Some Selected Organizations in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The study was aimed at exploring the challenges women leaders facing while assuming and performing leadership responsibilities of five governmental organizations in Addis Ababa. It also tried to find out the contributing factors for women to hold leadership positions, women's leadership styles and measures to be taken to enhance women's share of leadership. In-depth interview, questionnaire and document analysis were employed as the data collection instruments in the study. Participants of the study were 5 women who are in leadership positions of each organization and 130 subordinates of three organizations. The respondents for the survey were selected using simple random sampling. Purposive sampling technique was used for selecting women who are in senior leadership positions of their respective organizations. The findings of the study revealed that women leaders are facing many challenges in the studied organizations. Sociocultural, organizational and personal challenges for women while assuming and discharging their leadership responsibilities. The main contributing factors for women holding leadership positions are personal performance and capability, their educational qualification, current political system and their experience. Finally, the main measure to be taken to enhance women's share in leadership positions mainly depends on addressing gender gaps in the country and raising the level of attention given for gender issues in the organizations.



Challenges of Women in Leadership