Revitalizing the Smartcard System of Surgery Inpatient Department in Saint Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College

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Addis Ababa University


Introduction:-Medical records are a collection of information about a patient's health care and are essential for present and future continuation of care. While EMR systems can improve completeness and availability of medical record information, Ethiopia lacks the needed information because of different barriers for the implementation and widespread utilization of electronic medical record system. Objectives:- To identify barriers and propose solution for initiation of the SmartCare system of surgery inpatient department in Saint Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College Methodology: - The project used descriptive study design with quantitative and qualitative methods. The tools used for data collection were structured questionnaire and semi structured interview. Pre tested questioner was administered to 42 health professionals and interview was conducted (3) higher management officials and (1) information communication technology department head. Result: - From identified barriers lack of awareness, disconnection of the SmartCare system, non- integration of other information systems, incapability of the system to generate report and ICT supporting staff shortage were the major ones. After barriers identified possible solutions were proposed and interventions made. Conclusion: - The absence of continuous training resulted in a large number of new respondents with knowledge gap. Data incompleteness reflected the negative impact of paper based system and it also indicates the requirement of the paper based system to be replaced by electronic medical records system. Initiation and commitment of the hospital management obtained to made interventions. Based on the proposed solution baseline assessment made to reinstall wireless connection and incorporate those relocated and new opened clinical areas and the awareness buildup training on the benefits of the SmartCare system was given. After the training awareness and attitude change was illustrated among the trainees.



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