Query Constructor Framework for Web Based Search Interface fo Relational Databases

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Addis Ababa University


today’s information world there are various mechanisms of electronically searching for information. Keyword based searching is one of the popular searching mechanism in web documents as well as database systems. A lot of research attempts and studies have been made in areas of keyword based searching over relational databases. Some of the researches focus on improving searching mechanisms integrated in the database systems, whereas others focused on designing frameworks for user interfaces over a database. But most studies focused on keyword based searching with different searching and ranking mechanism. These studies are applied on single database at a time, fixed on only user’s input keyword, and with no error correction mechanisms used. This work focuses on improving keyword based searching on relational databases using a query constructor framework over a set of databases. It has two major tasks. The first task is construction of Combined Database Schema for the databases connected to the system and the second task is enabling users for searching using keyword and their synonyms. The system passes through various stages during searching before returning the result. After the system accepts users searching keywords it tries to reduce noise, rearrange them to a certain order and include synonym words and word families, constructs related SQL Statements, Execute the SQL statements, manage the results returned, prepare display format, and finally display the result ranked by relevancy. Using the links in the displayed results the displayed results user can navigate through databases to get the contents of their interest. The work has made contributions by introducing techniques of integration of synonym words and word families, by connecting more than one databases from one or more database systems, and by developing of Combined Databases Schema (CDS). An experimental evaluation is conducted to test the query constructor framework. The result of the experiment and the evaluation has indicated encouraging results in using of single interface over multiple heterogeneous databases with the help of combined databases schema. Keywords: Combined Database Schema, Schema constructor, searching database by keywords, query constructor framework, query formulation considering synonyms.



Query Constructor Framework; Query Formulation Considering Synonyms;