The Need for Decolonization: A Case Study of Addis Ababa University

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Addis ababa university


In the wake of South Africa’s universities call for decolonization, several African universities started scrutinizing their curriculums and world’s knowledge production. Their attempt is to identify epistemic injustice and treat it with a proper decolonial framework. One of the foremost African universities, Addis Ababa University, stands under-represented in this decolonial dialogue. The following case study, using the perspectives of College of Social Sciences’ academicians, investigated Addis Ababa University’s College of Social Sciences’ need for curriculum decolonization and the academic potential to do the work. The academician’s perspectives were captured through six semi-structured interviews and analyzed with the help of a conceptual framework which emanated from Jansen’s (2017a) and Woldegiorgis’s (2021) decolonization conception. The findings revealed that there is a need for a soft decolonization in college of social sciences and positive academic attitude to do the decolonial work. The study concludes admitting the diverse nature of decolonization conception and the necessity of further researches. Key Concepts Decolonization; Knowledge Production; Epistemology; Curriculum; Indigenous Knowledge



Production; Epistemology; Curriculum; Indigenous Knowledge