The Effect of Selected Human Resource Management Practices on Employees Turnover Intention: The Case Akaki kality Sub-city

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Addis Ababa University


Employee turnover intention is a serious problem that is faced by all organizations around the world. The main purpose of this study was to examine the effects of selected human resource management practices on employee turnover intention in Akaki Kality Sub-cities. The study used quantitative approach. A quantitative method have been selected because it is viewed as to gather large data and comprehensive issues at a specified period of time .The population of this study was 1696 employees of the organization who works in selected woredas. In this study, both primary and secondary sources of data were used. The primary data were collected through questionnaire and disseminated among respondents. A total of 191 questionnaires were distributed, out of which 189 completed questionnaires were received properly . This study used journals, books, internet sources, and other references were used as secondary sources of data. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics such as frequency tables mean and inferential statistics such as correlations and regression analysis using SPSS version 20. The analysis show that the effect of selected HRM practice which are training and development ,work condition and compensation and reward have highly significant on employee turnover intention. and. Recruitment and selection are insignificant in the study area so, to reduce employees’ turnover intention, pay attention on Human Resources practice because it is the most important asset for any organization, and it is a major source of achieving competitive advantage. Therefore, organizations need to cope up with needs of the employee so as to motivate them by designing effective human resource practice



Akaki Kality, Human resource management practices, Logistic Regression