Practice and Challenges of Good GovernanceiIn Local Governmant: The Case of Gasera Woreda, Bale Zone Oromia Regional State

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The study was to assess the practice and challenges of good governance local government in Gasera woreda, Bale Zone, Oromia Regional State. The research was conducted in Gasera woreda which was selected purposely. The specific objectives of the research were to assess the practice of good governance principles that exercised in local level, to explore the perception of service providers and community toward the practices and challenges of good governance in Gasera municipality office, to identify the determinant factors those affect the practices of the participation, accountability and transparency, effective and efficiently in relation to Gasera woreda administration and Come up with possible recommendations that help to curb the challenges of good governance. Among 20 woredas in Bale Zone, Gasera Woreda was selected purposely. Explanatory sequentially design was used for this study. To achieve the objectives of this research both qualitative and quantitative data were used. The respondents of the study were selected using simple random sampling and convenience technique. From total population of 368 respondents 104 residents of Gasera town and 36 from employers of town municipal and land management were used as a source of information for this study. Secondary data were collected from pertinent sources like institution reports, magazines, internet sources and others. Semi structured interview schedule was used for employees and service users and questionnaire was employed for officials to collect data from them. Data were analyzed using percentage and frequencies, tabulation, figure and the like. The finding of the study revealed poor practice of implementing Participation, accountability transparency and effective and efficiently of good governance in the town administration and land management. It also founded that the practice of good governance challenged by malfunction with, corruption, lack of commitment and bureaucrats skills and ethical problems, lack of capacity in the service providers disseminating information, accessibility of their institutions information, delivering a timely service and providing decision based on reasonable evidence had rarely practiced. Therefore, the study recommended that the studied sectors should mainly focus on the Participation, accountability, transparency and effective and efficiency.



word: practice of Good governance, transparency, accountability, effectiveness and efficiency and participation, challenges