The effect of reward management on employees' performance in case of Ethio Telecom

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Addis Ababa University


This research paper examined the effect of reward management practice on employee’s performance in case of ethio telecom. And focus on how different types of reward system affect employee’s performance and try to establish which types of reward management are more useful to the organization and how can reward management contribute to the overall employee’s performance. Data were collected for this study from 246 population 152 sample was taken for the study. The study used qualitative and quantitative research approach to achieve the aim of the study. Under this study questionnaire was adopted, as the main objectives of the study was to examine the effect of reward management on employees performance there were used 8 variables for the study those are independent variable perception of reward and extrinsic reward (payment, promotion) intrinsic reward (recognition, career development, working condition, and learning and development variable were used and from dependent variable perception of employee performance were used. The study used SPSS version 20 software to analyze the data collected. The result of descriptive analysis indicated payment and working condition factors are more attractive and influence employee’s performance than other variables. Employees were moderately satisfied on the other variable (recognition, promotion, career development, working condition and learning and development.) As the result indicted the researcher recommended to the organization to crate good awareness and give emphasize on those factors and implemented in the organization as employee performance are a key to organization development. The result found from the person’s correlation coefficient implies that independent variable was significantly correlated with dependent variable employee’s performance. Finally The researcher conclude and recommends that in order to create effective reward management the organization should emphasize on factors those have Low mean value to increase employees performance.



Reward, Management, Employee Performance