Assessing Cross Cultural Relationship In Human Resource Practice In Africa Union Commission

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Addis Ababa University


To manage diversified workforce, need to understand cultural diversities and develop communicate approach. Thus, Cross culture issues and people management are important in every stage especially in multinational organization. Indeed, problems may exist when there is diversified culture, background, history in an organization. This might in turn hinders the performance of an organization if not properly handled. Cross cultural management aids the relationships among employees on different culture and background. The objective of the research was to asses cross cultural relationship in human resources practice in AUC. Its approach is a descriptive one in which both qualitative and quantitative used. According to the study finding it could be learned that cross cultural issues hardly comprised in HR practices in AUC and also recognized that employees’ relationships are not strong; that affect communication system, the effectiveness and efficiency of AUC to achieve its goal. Since the work forces of AUC consisted with diversified cultural background, some misunderstanding (due to communication barriers like language) has occurred among staffs as well as the working environment is not conducive for employees. Generally cross cultural relationship correlate (associate) positively with HR practices; however the existing situations are not satisfactory as expected due to different challenges in AUC. From the beginning cross cultural elements (issues) are not taken into accounts. The other limitation is that in culturally diversified working areas employees’ relationship is expected to be productive, smooth, and positive, however it became passive in AUC, employees’ interpersonal communication is also poor



organization, Performance