Higher diploma program for teacher educators: impact and practice at Gondar college of teachers' education

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Addis Ababa Universty


importanl where HDP is one. 11 was Ihe main objeclive oflhis sllldy 10 invesligole Ihe impact of HDP on leacher educators' teaching performances al Gondar College oj' Teachers' Educalion. The study employed both qualitative and quanlilalive dala IIsing case sllldy lIIelhod . which was designed to answer the research queslions raised. The research parliciponls were leacher educalors, HDL, HDTs, Department Heads, the VAD and sludenls. In order 10 collecl dala Fom the parlicipants, questionnaires, interview, FGD, and classroo//1 ohservalion Ivere used employed. The dala obtained were analyzed and inlerpreled . The reslIlls o{lhe analysis showed Ihat a Changing expeclalions about Ihe quality of educalion occur in evel), sociely 01 IInexpecled r(l{e. In this a5peCI, professional development programs for lutcher educalors have always been essentially considerable number nfleacher educalors have posilive alfillide 101l'ards Ihe HDP training and they have been trying to be benefited Fom Ihe program. However, Ihe COlltpOnenls of HDP were nol fully practiced yet as expected for a number of reasons. II was Ihen conellided Ihal Ihe prevailing praclice of the componenls of HDP was poor. In addilion 10 Ihis, Ihe Irend oj' using Ihe lecture melhod Fequenlly and assessing sludenls based on examil'lOliol'ls as 11I1!i'C' modes of teaching and assessment were emphasized al Ihe college. To overcolile litis, it \I 'lIS suggesled thai Ihe actual context of the college and ils influence on Ihe leaching -teaming process should be given due attention.



Teacher educators