Mobile Based Voluntary Counseling and Testing Data Collection System

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Addis Ababa University


Access to up-to-date health data plays a crucial role for the improvement of health service delivery. In Ethiopia, one of the sub-Saharan countries highly affected with HIV/AIDS, there are a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations providing health service related to HIV/AIDS. Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) is one of such services. Monthly reports on VCT are collected from all over the nation using paper forms. This paper forms have to pass through various administrative hierarchies and are recompiled at each level. Due to these the reports are delayed and up-to-date data on VCT is not available. VctCollect is a mobile VCT data collection system developed to avoid the delays involved in collecting VCT data. The system allows health workers at VCT centers to fill forms for each VCT client using android mobile phones and send the filled data to a central VCT resource center. The mobile application of the system has a bilingual user interface, Amharic and English, which makes it easier to use. The data is sent from the mobile phone through the GPRS mobile internet network. The server side web application of the system allows users to have access to the latest data collected from VCT centers. Users can have access to up-to-date VCT data all over the nation in various formats. The system was developed using the open source Open Data Kit as an underlying framework.



Mobile Vct, Vct Data Collection, Hiv Data Collection, Vctcollect, Mobile Health Data Collection