Perception and Practice of Teachers in Continuous Professional Development in Five Sub-Cities of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The purpose of this study was to explore primary school teachers) perceptions and practices of continuous professional development in primary schools of five sub cities in Addis Ababa) in which teachers and CPD coordinators were participated. The study was focused on teachers) perceptions of CPD activities as well as their perceptions about its implementation. In order to accomplish this purpose) the following research questions were generated: what is the effect of CPD implementation on the practice of teaching) what is the effect of CPD implementation on teachers professional development need) what opportunities did CPD created in schools & what factors affect CPD implementation. This study tooks a multi-methods approac~ i. e. quantitative and qualitative researc~ in which the data were collected through a questionnaire for teachers and focus group discussion with school CPD coordinators. It was concluded in the study that most respondents were appreciated opportunities for CPD and valued the benefits of CPD for teachers and for schools as a whole. In addition) with a higher percentage) it was showed that CPD is a means of career development. The results and information provided here would be valuable for anyone who is interested in) as well as for those who are responsible for an improvement and implementation of CPD.