An assessment of the views of First-line Managers on the aspects of devolution of HR activities: the case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the views of First-Line Managers (Branch Managers and Customer Service Managers) of the bank on their level of involvement in HRM activities, rationale, challenges, and solutions of devolution including whether BMs and CSM differ in these dimensions. The target group from which 108 sample participants were selected was the two groups of First-line managers, namely Branch Managers and Customer Service Managers of grade IV & III branches located in Addis Ababa under the four District Offices. Using a self completed survey questionnaire quantitative data were gathered from 101 respondents and analyzed using descriptive statistics-means, frequencies and percentages. Interview was conducted with two key source persons in the HR Process of the bank; and the results were used to qualify the quantitative results. The finding shows that almost all FLMs believed that they were involved in HRM activities and that they had a moderate extent of involvement in HR activities of the bank. According to the finding respondents also perceived that they have slightly above a great extent agreement with the rationale of devolution, where as the challenges of devolution have not been that sever for them. FLMs believed to a great extent that the suggested solutions could solve problems relating to the execution of devolution. In the aspects of devolution BMs are found to have a greater involvement in HR activities and a more level of acceptance of the rationale and the solutions of devolution than CSMs had. However it is also found that the challenges are more sever to SCMs than BMs. Finally, the researcher recommends that the bank should work more to delegate HR activities to CSM than Branch Managers because it is these managers who are closer to employees than Branch Managers; that the bank’s management should work more on supporting FLMs in their effort to execute employee management responsibilities and , as the main focus of this study was examining the results provided by FLMs a further related study with more detail discussion on the differences between Branch Managers and CSMs as well as among different levels of line managers using appropriate statistical measurement technique has been recommended



bank, HRM activities, Customer Service Managers