The practice and challenges in conducting action research: the case of sululta secondary school

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Addis Ababa Universty


The main purpose of this study was to investigate the practices and challenges of conducting action research in Sululta Secondary School and identify the major factors that hinder/enable teachers in conducting action research. The research method employed in this study was mixed method approaches (QUAN + qual), which is embedded in concurrent type of mixed method. Both primary and secondary sources of data were used. The primary data sources were teachers, principals and town administration education officers. The school documents were used as a secondary data source. The questionnaires were pilot tested and administered to 15 teachers. About 97% of the questionnaires were properly filled and returned. In addition to this, interview, focus group discussion and document analysis were made to collect the necessary information. Results obtained were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and narratives. The results of the study revealed that a) the practices of Sululta Secondary School teachers in conducting action research were very low, b) the knowledge and skills of teachers in the study area were sufficient but their involvement in undertaking action research were insufficient, c) the role of school management in encouraging teachers to conduct action research were insufficient, d) the major factors that hinder teachers to conduct action research in the study area are shortages of training, seminars and workshops regarding research activities, insufficient budget, insufficient reference materials and library services and etc. e) the major factors that enable some teachers to conduct action research were their professional commitment to support their teaching learning process with research. Thus, to alleviate these problems, it was recommended that the school management in cooperation with town administration education Bureau and Oromia Regional Education Bureau should arrange the means of improving the involvements of teachers in conducting action research by allocating adequate budget and providing an in-service trainings, workshops, seminars and experience sharing programs regarding research.