The Practice of Center Based Early Intervention for Children with Intellectual Disability: The Case of Mekanisa Mekane Yesus Center For children and Adults With intellectual disability

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Addis Ababa University


Early intervention is very useful at every stage especially at the early stage of a child’s life; this is be-cause adequate program/management can be instituted on time. Early intervention services are designed to meet the needs of infants and toddlers who have a developmental delay or disability. However, thisstudy focuses on the practice of early intervention for children with intellectual disability through the provision of adaptive behavior skills training at Mekanisa Mekane Yesus center for children and adults with intellectual disability and it’s branch at kasanchis.The data were collected through interview, of two principals who served for 30 years in the center and the other principal who served in kasanchis branch for 15 years and five teachers one physiotherapist and five parents of children with intellectual disability and observation of teachers at actual time of adaptive behavior skill training for children with intellectual disabilityhave done by the researcher. Qualitative data analysis was employed to analyze the data. The result indicates the practice of early intervention, assessment and plan for early intervention types of adaptive skill training, parent’s participation on the provision of early interventionfor their children with intellectual disability, positive impact of early intervention on the life of children with intellectual disabil-ity as well as on the life of their parents. And also it indicated that children with intellectual disability received interventions through adaptive behavior skills training and vocational training. Finally, the study recommended parents participation, working with regular schools cooperatively working to create awareness regarding early intervention program for children with intellectual disability, concerned bod-ies in educational sectors should make the regular schools accessible for children with intellectual disa-bility and the center should work with regular schools cooperatively in order to solve the problem of chil-dren with intellectual disability. Key words children with intellectual disability, early intervention and adaptive behavior skill training for children with intellectual disability.



children with intellectual disability, early intervention and adaptive behavior skill, training for children with intellectual disability