Impacts of Teacher Talk in Promoting Students' Communicative Skill: the case of Misrak Goh Secondary School

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Addis Ababa University


Teacher talk is an indispensable part of the Foreign language classroom. According to Krashen(1985},1he language used by teachers in the classroom determines whether a class will succeed or not. Many studies have focused on the quantity ofTeat;:her Talk, however, the quality of Teacher Talk and its impact on learners' communicative skill has not been given much attention. This study attempts to explore the quality of the teachers' oral input learners are expased to by focusing on The Lexical Variation, Language Functions and Communicative Features of teacher talk. The data for the study was gathered through audio-tape recording and classroom observation. Next, the recorded data was transcribed and analyzed. The research followed a quantitative qualitative approach to analyze the data. In order to determine the variety of lexical items the students were exposed to, the Lexical Variation adopted by Meara, Lightbown and Halter was used. The distribution of language fimctions was determined by coding the teacher talk into the six categories of jUnctions developed by Bowers (J980}.The qualitative analysis was based on communicativefoatures suggested by Thomburry(J996) and Cullen(2002}. The study discovered that Questioning and Explaining are the most frequently used fimctions in the Teacher Talk while Sociating or establishing and maintaining classroom rapport was the least. A fiirther analysis of the questions asked showed that display questions dominated where as the amount of referential questions was very insignificant. The teacher talk was also characterized by low lexical variation, dominated by technical tem/s, which indicated that the teacher talk was not rich in lexical items that are necessary in communication. In addition the qualitative analysis of the teacher talk indicated that the feedback given fOCllsed on foml and the follow-up to students' response did not encourage interaction and communication. Overall, the result of the study implies that teachers are not aware of the impact and importance teacher talk has on the language classroom. Therefore, teachers should foclls on maximizing the potential of Teacher Talk without drastically reducing it.



The case of Misrak Goh Secondary School