An assessment of the provision and utilization of student services in government preparatory schools of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa Universty


The purpose of the study was to assess the provision and utilization of student services in government preparatory schools of Addis Ababa. It was designed to address the areas of adequacy of the student services, perceptions of the students and student personnel staff on the level of services provided, utilization of the services by students, competence of the student service staff, involvement of students in management and problems encountered in the provision and utilization of the student services. The study focused only on guidance and counseling, health and medical, library and co-curricular services. To conduct the study, descriptive survey approach was employed and both primary and secondary sources of data were used to gather information. Mainly used data gathering instruments were questionnaires and interview prepared on the basis of the basic questions of the study to be addressed. The study was conducted in ten government preparatory schools taken from ten sub cities of Addis Ababa. The subjects of the study were 325 randomly selected students, and 52 student personnel staff purposively selected based on their position and job assignments. The data were analyzed by using percentages and chisquare test and interpreted accordingly. The findings of the study generally revealed that none of the student services was adequately provided. The study showed that from ten preparatory schools, only three schools have health and medical services, but the service provided was inadequate. Additionally, the study indicates that co-curricular services such as sport and anti- AIDS were fairly adequate. Library services such as reading rooms and references were utilized frequently by the students, while guidance and counseling, health and library services (internet and audio-visual), co-curricular services such as music and literature were never utilized by students. Furthermore, as revealed in the study, the student service staff personnel was facing inadequacy and incompetence of service personnel in each service sector, while, the involvement of students in the student service management in the schools was found to be medium. Similarly, problems related to growth in students enrollment and weakness of school management were found to be the major problems encountered in the management of student services. Hence, it was recommended that necessary intervention should be made by concerned bodies to provide quality services in the schools to standardized and give concern for parallel expansion of student services balancing with the number of students entering to the institutions.