The Effect of Egg and Lime on the Compressive Strength of Mortar

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Addis Ababa University


In Ethiopia there is a saying that tells buildings like Fasiledes castle of Gondar were built from materials that did not include cement. This saying describes the buildings as made from stones using lime mortar, consisting of sand, lime and egg parts, as a binder. This saying gave a motivation for this research to investigate the effect of egg parts on the compressive strength of mortar. This research concentrates on the effect of egg albumin and egg shell on the compressive strength of mortar since there is already good known material on lime and the effect of the egg albumin and egg shell with regards to cement can be studied on mortar without the addition of aggregates. In this research a method of comparison is applied, in which a control mix that is mixture of only sand, cement and water with a 1:2.75 cement to sand ratio and a 0.5 water cement ratio mixtures having different proportions of egg albumin which is the part of the egg that contains protein and egg shell which is the waste part of the egg as a partial replacement of sand in addition to sand, cement and water keeping the cement to sand and water cement ratio consistent with that of the control mix. During this research a total of 108 mortar cubes were utilized and as a result it is found that the compressive strength of mortar can be increased by more than 10% with the addition of 1% egg albumin of the total volume of mortar without increasing the amount of cement, keeping the water cement ratio consistent. But the compressive strength of the mortar decreases with the addition of egg albumin more than 1%. And by the addition of eggshell with the volume of 5% of the fine aggregate, the compressive strength of the 4 mortar has increased by more than 13% compared to the mortar made with only cement, sand and water keeping the same water cement and sand to cement ratio.



Structural Engineering