Implementation of Play-based Instruction in Some Pre-Schools of Bahir Dar City Administration, Amhara Region

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This study was aimed at assessing the implementation of play based instruction in some pre schools of Bahir Dar city, Ethiopia. Play and children’s development is highly integrated & enhances children’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. For this purpose, mixed research method was employed to collect and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data. The sample of the study included eight preschools (4 private KGs randomly selected & 4 government KGs purposively). Data sources for the quantitative study were 47 teachers drawn randomly from 8 pre-schools (15 % of the population) and data sources for the qualitative study were 8 preschool principals, 1 REB & 1 ZED Experts, selected using simple random sampling and purposive sampling techniques respectively. Data were collected by questionnaire, interview and observation. Quantitative data were analyzed by using one sample t-test; whereas narration and thematic techniques were used to analyze the gathered qualitative data. The study found out that most teachers perceived positively what the preschool curriculum inculcated play based pedagogy which was statistically significant. Moreover, the study indicated that most teachers perceived negatively the practicing of play-based instruction which was statistically significant. The study also revealed majority of preschools have not safe playground for the children to play and there was no adequate and appropriate indoor outdoor materials and equipment in the preschools. Moreover, teachers incompetency, curriculum usage that lacking requisite officials and inadequate indoors and outdoors games were identified as factors that affect play based instruction. Finally, pertinent recommendations were drawn from the findings and the conclusions of the study.