Challenges of Urban Housing Problems in Addis Ababa: the Case of Federal Civil Servants

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Addis Ababa University


The main aim of this study was to examine the urban housing problems in Addis Ababa within particular reference to federal civil servants whose livelihood depends on fixed monthly income. In order to achieve this objective, a mixed method research approach has used as the topic necessitates in-depth comprehension and exposure to the setting. Besides, the study employed a qualitative instrumental case study as a research methodology to get first-hand data. The data was collected using interviews, questioner, and focus group discussions (FGD). The purposive sampling and simple random sampling technique has employed to find resourceful research participants. The selected participants of the study were civil servants who live in Addis Ababa and work in federal government organizations. The analysis and interpretation have made using a thematic approach based on the data collected from the selected respondents. The finding of the study revealed that the urban housing problems are the persistent challenges of the civil servants who live in Addis Ababa. The study also showed that there are problems in terms of provision, affordability, and access to urban housing among federal civil servants in the city. Besides, the findings confirmed the shortage of urban housing, access to financial resources, and loans are salient factors in urban housing problems in the study area. The research also depicted that urban housing problems can have an effect on good governance and service delivery to citizens as the civil servants who are facing urban housing problems may not be very motivated to serve their customers up to the desired level. Finally, it has recommended that the government should be taking an action initiative to resolve the urban housing problems of the civil servants who establish their life in Addis Ababa. Moreover, the policymakers should give attention to the urban housing problems of the civil servants, especially of the low and middle-income groups who highly depend on fixed salary incomes.



housing,provision, accessibility, affordability,civilservants