An Evaluation of Counseling Services in VCT Centers in GO and NGO at Dira Dawa Town A Thesis Submitted to the school of Graduate Studies Addis Ababa University

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Addis Ababa University


HIV voluntary counseling and Testing (VCT) is becoming the based for HIV prevention, control and care p rogrammes . Although, it is crucial for all AIDS projects, very little work has been done to e valuate the quality of VCT services especially by professional counselor. An e valuation of VCT services in Dire Dawa Town was conducted to assess client and counselor situation/satisfaction, the quality of the services and to identify major problems encountered in providing the services. A cross sectional survey was camed out using tools adapted from UNAIDS 2000a and literatures, consisting of questionnaire, semi structured interviews and observations we re made on 2 VCT centers. Half of the clients and counselors of the study have positive attitude towards counseling. All counselors were not self motivated to be a counselor; training for counselors is not adequate and standardized. There is no professional counselor at all. There is no adequate space for privacy and waiting area. In GO VCT center, there is no waiting area at all. Major problems in the VCT centers are work load, on counselors, lack of exp erience, lacle of adequate training, lack of incen tives of additional work particularly in GO VCT centers, lack of adequate waiting area, limited number of veT cente rs (only two), Lack of adequate waiting area and conducive office, etc. These and other problems led to inefficient counseling services. The study identified areas where adequate the standardized trainings needs for counselors and suggested ways of improving the services. Moreove r, the outcome of this study also suggest that increased awareness raising and access for VCT, focusing the positive consequences of VCT as well as offering high quality VCT services for beneficiaries. If we keep the quality of the counseling services, the number of clients may be increased . And has great contribution to reduce the prevalence rate of HIV.



Evaluation of Counseling Services