Serological investigation and molecular detection of peste des petits ruminants virus in Boset and Fantale districts of East Shewa zone of Oromia region

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Addis Ababa University


A cross-sectional study was conducted for serological investigation and molecular detection of Peste des Petitis Ruminants virus from January 2023 to May 2023 in Boset and Fantale districts of East Shewa Zone of Oromia Region with the objective of revealing the sero-prevalence and associated risk factors of PPR in non-vaccinated small ruminants, estimate sero-conversion after PPR vaccination using c-ELISA and detection of PPRV circulating in the area using PCR. Of the total 331 sera samples collected, 165 samples were collected before administering vaccine in the two districts and tested for PPRV antibodies by using c-ELISA and 102 (61.82 %) were positive. Seroprevalence of 47.44 % in Boset and 74.71% in Fantale was recorded with a statistically significant difference in the prevalence between the two districts (ꭓ2=12.96, P value<0.001). Prevalence in sheep (46.88%) and (65.41%) in goat were recorded. PPRV antibody seroprevalence was higher in adult animals 65.16 % (95%CI=57.3-72.3) and lower in young animals 10 % (P< 0.001, ꭓ2=36.12) and it was statistically significant. The majority of seropositive sheep and goats were those with poor body condition (70%). With flock size, statistically significant seropositivity was observed (P< 0.001). Out of 166 vaccinated sheep and goats tested for post vaccination sero-conversion assessment starting from the second-week post-vaccination, 137 (82.53%) animals were seropositive to PPR according to c-ELISA. So, in this study, rise in herd immunity from (61.82%) prior to vaccination to (82.53%) was observed after the vaccination campaign. From 9 goat samples taken at an outbreak and tested for viral RNA detection 4 (44.4%) were positive for viral nucleic acid. Serological investigation and molecular detection results from this study show that, PPRV was circulating in Boset and Fantalle districts. Therefore, measures to control and eradicate the disease have to incorporate early reporting of the disease outbreaks, effective targeted vaccination and strict animal movement control. More studies characterizing the circulating virus are also recommended.



Epidemiology, Pest des petits ruminants, molecular detection, small ruminant, Boset,Fantale,seroprevalenc,sero-conversion