The Effect of Work Life Balance on job satisfaction: The case of Creative Associates International Inc

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Addis Ababa University


The study aims to establish and evaluate the relationship between selected work life balance practices and job satisfaction. The selected practices are Flexible work arrangement, Job characteristics, Fringe benefit plan and Supervisor support. The study used explanatory research design and both qualitative and quantitative approach. The study employed census survey where the data is collected from the total population for analysis. A total of 120 employees completed the survey. Descriptive statistics revealed that employee’s have low level of perception of work life balance practices and job satisfaction. Results of the regression analysis showed that work life balance is a positive predicator of job satisfaction. Among this practice of work life balance, job characteristics was found to be the highest predicator of job satisfaction. The analysis also found non-significant relationship between supervisor's support and job satisfaction. As per this finding recommendation were made to revisit employees job design, allocate adequate financial resource to enhance fringe benefit plan and use different types of employment option to help employees deal with flexibility issues. Area for further studies also has been suggested



Job satisfaction, Work life balance perception, flexible work arrangement