A Posttcolloniiall Look att Affriican Liitteratture:: Case Sttudy off Chiimamanda Ngozii Adiichiie’’s Works

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Addis Ababa University


Peacefully positioned in the post-independence era of African literature and writing with a salutary derivation of earlier writers but also with a brilliantly creative artistic skill at storytelling, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of the leading contemporary writers on the continent. Postcolonial theory emerged as an interrogation tool and with the goal of putting right the harming effects of colonialism which are manifested in the postcolonial condition of postcolonial societies today. The literary branch of this pursuit is where theory meets writer and which is also the concern of this paper. This study attempts to weigh the works of the author from the standpoint of Postcolonial theory and answer the questions: are her works postcolonial and how so? In the analysis chapter, I argue that her fictions are postcolonial and beyond. In so doing, I also show how the works are shot with postcoloniality in the most typical ways such as the issue of hybridity, language politics and uncommitted art as well as attempt to identify innovative techniques used by this author which might form a new trend in postcolonial writing including her extensive use of untranslated Igbo and English transcription of Igbo dialogue.



Chiimamanda Ngozii Adiichiie’’s Works