Perception of Leadership in Effectiveness of School Improvement Program: The Case of Selected High Schools in Addis Ababa City Administration

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the experience of principals in government secondary schools in Gulele Subcity of Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia, namely: Medhanialem Preparatory School, Ditber Secondary School and Meeraf Secondary School. The study deals with examining the actual experience and problems of principals in government schools. The review of literature focused on leadership in education within this concept, functions of leadership, effectiveness of school leaders, elements of effective leadership and school improvement initiatives. The research methodology employed in the study was both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Accordingly, a questionnaire was prepared to be filled by teachers, vice principals and department heads. For the qualitative portion, interviews and observation were administered. Regarding the questionnaires, distributed to sample size· of 222 teachers, 31 vice principals and department heads. 256 out of the 270 distributed questionnaires were returned, producing an overall 94% return rate. After data were screened, three survey questions were eliminated, due to missing responses. Data obtained through questionnaires were analysed using statistical tools such as mean, standard deviation, Chi-square and t-test. The findings of the study revealed that principals are less effective in their leadership due to lack of experience and qualification in the profession. Finally, based on the findings and conclusions, recommendations were made on capacity building and empowering of principals to do their work effectively on instructional leadership, in turn, encouraging participatory approach of leadership. Furthermore, Addis Ababa Education Bureau (AAEBJ is responsible to give directives and guidelines in the cases that whenever shortcomings and gaps are observed and the schools should organized public relations to create school-community links.



Leadership in Effectiveness of School Improvement Program