The Attitudes of Teachers and Students Towards Using Plasma Television for Instruction in the General Secondary Schools of Bahir Dar Special Zone

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the attitudes of teachers and students towards using plasma television for instruction in the general secondary schools of Bahir Dar special zone. To realize the purpose of the study, the necessary data were secured from 66 teachers and 374 students using a descriptive survey approach. A forty-six item attitude questionnaires (twenty-six for teacher respondents and twenty for student respondents) based upon the Likert Scale were administered. The data obtained through open-ended questionnaires, interviews (with school principals and zone education office head) and observations have been included in the analysis of data as pertinent information. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were employed. The data were tabulated, analyzed and interpreted using frequency percentages and chisquare. The findings showed that in both teachers' and students' responses, there was no statistically significant attitudi nal difference between the respondents favoring rating levels for using plasma television for instruction. The identified attitudinal difference in terms of sex and school variations of the respondents was found to be statistically nonsignifi cant. Moreover, the findings showed that factors affecting the attitudes of respondents were centered around the mode of presentation of TV teachers and inadequacy of televised teaching learning faciliti es/aspects. It was thus suggested that factors affecting the respondents' attitude should be considered so as to fac ilitate televi sed teachinglearning process.



Students Towards Using Plasma Television for Instruction