Urban Land Use Conflict on Peri-urban Communities: The Case of Bordode Town, West Hararghe Zone, ORS

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This study aimed to investigate urban land use conflict on peri- urban communities. This study has employed descriptive and explanatory research design; the study applied both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The study took 180 total sample sizes from the 900 total populations in the study area through stratified sampling and purposive sampling techniques. Data were collected using closed and open-ended questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, and focus group discussions while secondary data was from documented sources. The quantitative data were analyzed by employing the computer software known as IBM SPSS version 20. The descriptive statistical methods such as frequency and percentage used. The data obtained through interview and focus group discussion were analyzed qualitatively in explanation forms. The result of the study indicated that many farmers were displaced without fair compensation, large farmlands were also taken for various infrastructures, conflict was takes place between the town municipal and peri-urban communities and the farmers are sold their land by fear of the expanstion of the town and they were socially, economically, politically and environmentally challenged. There were also dislocation and conflict between the municipality and peri-urban farmers. This led them to migration, unemployment, poverty and as well, as conflict with the municipality. Therefore, municipality office should minimize this dislocation and conflict. Fair, equitable, and legal justice compensation have been realized by municipals through build its capital capacity to compensate the displaced farmers. The government should make profound discussion with peri-urban communities and ensure good governance, urban land management policy, discuss with them through public conference in the area to alleviate their problems. The government should stopped illegal setliments and selling of farmland in peri-urban area by farmers and it is better to give awareness for non-displaced farmers before displaced and after displaced to make them having well image for urban expanstion and for psychological make up



Urban land use conflict, Expansion of urban, peri-urban farming communitiess, displacement, compensation