Studies on Vo (IV) Complex of Schiff base Ligand Derived from Ninhydrin Nd Semicarbazide

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Addis Ababa Universty


The catalytic and material properties of vanadium compounds and their effects in biological systems have long provided the impetus and fuel to studies of vanadium science. The expanding knowledge of the role of vanadium in biological systems and of the potential of vanadium compounds as therapeutic agents has led continuously increasing interest in the coordination chemistry and solution chemistry of this element. Vanadium complexes with mixed ligands containing oxygen and nitrogen atoms are known to have high redox stability. In this context, the ninhydrin-semicarbazone Schiff base ligand with nitrogen and oxygen coordinating atoms was chosen for this study.The oxovanadium (IV) complex of the type [VO(DSCI] has been prepared using template method of synthesis with Schiff base ligand derived by condensation of ninhydrin and semicarbazide wherein the VO2+ cation acts as a template. Tentative structure of the complex has been proposed on the basis of characterization by electrical conductance, magnetic moment and electronic spectra. The oxovanadium (IV) complex is a five coordinated square-pyramidal wherein the Schiff base ligand acts as a tetradentate ONNO donor coordinating via the azomethine nitrogen atoms and enolized oxygen atoms of the amide group. The assignment of the geometry is corroborated by magnetic moment and electrical conductance measurements. Key Words: Oxovanadium (IV) complex, Schiff base, Ninhydrin, Semicarbazide, 1, 2- disemicarbazone-indan-3-one.



Oxovanadium (IV) complex; Schiff base; Ninhydrin; Semicarbazide; 1; 2- disemicarbazone-indan-3-one.