The Management and Utilization of Educational Lyiaterials in Bafiir Dar University

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Addis Ababa University


The Purpose 0/ this study is to assess the educational materials management and utilization in Bahir Dar University. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected through questionnaire, intervie}vs and docllments. A sample 0/82 academic stew and 123 supportive staff among I 396 staff members of the University responded to /he questionnaire. Besides, 6 ste{/J members were interviewed. The data were analyzed using Percentages, means, standard deviations and chi-squares. The result reveals that the available educational materials such as computers, photocopiers and papers have not been properly used for their intended purposes. Educational materials do not critically planned. ,vlost p urchased educational Jn aterials are n:Jt fidly appropriate for the teaching /eoming process. Due to the small size 0/ the existing storerooms, educational materials [hat are taken out cannot be returned. Inventories did not made in faculties and departments. There is no maintenance department or personnel for electronic materials in the University. Besides, there is no 0 11 time disposition of unused edl/ca/ional materials. With regard to needs assessment, the majority 0/ re,lpondents evaluated the involvement of users in needs assessment of educational materials to be purchased as average. /'vioreover, the major problems in the University regarding educational materials management and utilization (Ire absence ofpolicy guidelines, shortage of basic educational materials particularly for newly opened faculties and departments, and inability to properly administer educational materials with one centralized Property administration main section. Finally, to improve the situation it is suggested that: I-a policy guideline should be developed by professionals and used properly. 2- Educational materials should be criticalfy planned by users of the materials or department council members. 3- The University shouldfuljill basic educational materials before it opens new faculties or departments. 4- The existing maintenance section should employ qualified electronic materials maintenance personnel. 5- Inventories should be made at least once a year in faculties and departments; and 6-storerooms with appropriate personnel for each faculty should be established. In addition, it is recommended to develop and use a disposal policy guideline



materials; management