Community Participation for Improving Access in Primary Education: the Case of Hadiya Zone /SNNPR

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The main objective of this Study \Vas to investigate the status of community particlj)atiol7 in iJ17pro\ ing access in education with particular reference 10 the primar.l' education q/lladlJ a /..oneISNNPR. To conduct the research a descriptive survey type of the research method was emp/o}'ed. Using the purposive sampling technique, four woredas were selected ji-om the zone administration. This techniqu.e was used for the convenience of access to areas KI:T!3, W/~TJ3 memhers and zone education department management l71emlJ"rs II ere [(sed as sOllrc J (~( data in the stZlc6 . Questionnaire, inten i "\\' and document analysis Il'ere liS >d to co//ect the neceSSCll~jl data. /Jaw ohtained through questionnaires IIl 'll ~/lIul7liILll i\ 'l'I~\ descrihed interpreted und Ul7a~\ 'Zed through percentage \\•hile in/c)rl11ation ohtained through intervielt' lVas qualitative/) descrihed to support quantitatil'e daLa. As the f1nding~' (~( the study indicated that: The majorit)' of the local community contrihutes d!lf"erent in puts to schools, Kl:TB and W/~ TB mel1lbers do not ahvay' discZlss I\'ith the locol community in promoting and enhancing education access, lack of all'areness qf community in participation, lack of communication transparenc} , betll een the concerned hodies alld community. participation le\ el (~( KI:,TB Clnd WLTl3 members in school (/cti\'ities are not \ elT high. Therefore, to solve the problems il7 each levels, the alltl70ritl' in zone and Woredo • levels hCi\'C to fo//OII' lip and provide technical and adl71inistroti\'e support (or the Community in genera/ und boards in particular.