The Persuasive Power of HIV Advertisements of Radio Ethiopia and FM-Addis (97.1):A Textual Analysis

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Addis Ababa University


This paper, a study on the persuasive power of HIV radio advertisements (FM Addis and Radio Ethiopia) a textual analysis, is divided into five chapters. The first chapter, an introductory part, contains the background of the study, statement of the problem, objectives significance,delimitation and limitations of the study. The second chapter is a review of theoretical perspectives related to mass communication, a dvertising and HIV / AIDS as well as aspects of persuasion. It a lso gives a review of related works. The third chapter, methodology, a lso presents the major method, textual analysis, and a particular approach, rhetoric criticism, used for the a n a lysis of the advertisements. Textual analysis and rhetoric criticism in particular is used to analyze and inte rpret persuasive messages. The chapter also sets out the parameters to be used in the analysis: source credibility, audience analysis and content characteristics of the advertisements. In chapter four, sample advertisements are interpreted and analyzed as per the parameters suggested in the methodology. The outcome of the analysis, therefore, revealed that though there are advertisements that seem to share some qualities of a persuasive communication, most of them have shown failure m achieving effectiveness in such aspects of persuasion as source credibility, audience analysis and content characteristics. Finally, the last chapter, conclusion and recommendations, provides a summary of the findings of the study with possible alternatives that would curb the existing problems.



FM Addis and Radio Ethiopia