Design and Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Based Controller for Flow and Level Control of Cane in Wangi Sugar Factory

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Addis Ababa University


In a sugar production, flow and the amount of cane fiber carried by cane carrier varies due to non-uniformity of cane supply. The continuous variation of cane fibers flow and the level of cane fiber in chute during the cane juice extraction inversely affect the cane juice extraction efficiency of mill. In this thesis we have developed algorithm for a three input fuzzy controller with an aim to maintain the cane level in chute and flow during cane juice extraction. The developed controller generates signal that required controlling cane carrier motor speed depending upon the value of cane level in chute, quantity of cane on rake carrier and flow rate. The three inputs fuzzy controller is developed and simulated for six cases by using fuzzy logic toolbox of MATLAB. The performance of the controller is compared in terms of disturbance rejection, transient and steady sate performance. It is observed from the simulation results that the average overshoot is 0%, rising time is 0.0817 seconds and the settling time is 0.274 seconds with the proposed fuzzy controller while overshoot is 7.62%, rise time is 0.0513 second and settling time is 0.16 seconds with PID controller. Moreover, the robustness and disturbance rejection of the controllers is checked by parameter variation like time constant, delay time & DC gain and giving disturbance signal after settling time respectively. It is further observed that the proposed controller has better disturbance rejection and more robust.



sugar mill, cane carrier, chute, juice extraction, fuzzy algorithm, fuzzy controller