Fe (iii) Complexes of a Pentadentate Ligand Structural Investigation

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Addis Ababa University


Two new Fe (III) complexes of two different geometries were synthesized from a pentadentate ONONO donor ligand. The Schiff base ligand, BNSHIO, Bis-(NSalicylaldehyde)- 1,3-inden-2-one was prepared and analyzed from our laboratory [7, 9, 10]. Ninhydrin, hydrazine hydrate, and salicylaldehyde were the precursors used in ligand synthesis. This ligand, by direct condensation with Fe(III) resulted in the formation of a new high spin complex, Fe(III)LD. Another new Fe(III)LT was synthesized by template method using the same precursors. Initially 1,3-Dihydrazonoinden- 2-one (DHIO) was prepared by condensing ninhydrin with hydrazine hydrate, which was treated with Fe(III) and salicylaldehyde and refluxed. This resulted in a low spin complex, Fe (III)LT. The ligand to metal ratio was found to be 1:1 in both complexes. Fe (III)LT was found to be a cationic complex and Fe(III)LD was found to be a neutral complex. Based on the analytical, conductance, spectral, magnetic susceptibility, AAS, and UV-Vis, data, Fe (III)LD was proposed to have an octahedral geometry and Fe(III)LT was proposed a trigonal bipyramidal geometry. In both complexes, the ligand behaves as a pentadentate ONONO donor. Key words: Schiff bases, Ninhydrin, hydrazine hydrate, Salicylaldehyde, pentadentate ONONO donor, Bis-(N-salicylaldehyde)-1,3-dihydrazono-inden-2-one (BNSDHIO),1,3-dihydrazono-inden-2-one(DHIO)



Schiff bases; Ninhydrin; hydrazine hydrate; Salicylaldehyde; pentadentate ONONO donor; Bis-(N-salicylaldehyde)-1;3-dihydrazono-inden-2-one (BNSDHIO);1;3-dihydrazono-inden-2-one(DHIO)