Evaluation of the Implementation of Preparatory Mathematics Syllabus in Assela Tvet Institutions

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of thi study was to evaluate the implementation of the preparatory mathematics syllabus in TVET Institutions. Attempts have been made to examine: - whether the instructional guidelines set in the syllabu are properly implemented at classroom levels, the attitudes of teachers and students' perceptions towards the implementation of the syllabus, institutional contexts and clas room environments for effective implementation of the syllabus and factor affecting the implementation of the syllabus in the TVET institutions. To this end, a descriptive survey approach was used as a method of the study. The data was collected from 236 sample tudents, 12 mathematics teachers, 3 principals and 2 department heads in three Assela TVET In titutions. Respondents were selected by using systematic random sampling and purposive sampling techniques. Questionnaires, observations, interviews and document were used as data gathering instruments. The data were analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. Accordingly, the result of the study indicated that the majority of mathematics teachers did not implement the instructional guidelines suggested in the syllabus effectively. Teachers frequently used explanation or lecture and questions and answers instructional strategies. The mathematics teachers did not use continuous assessment techniques to evaluate their students ' performance. ignificant proportion of mathematics teachers (42%) had negative attitudes towards the implementation of the syllabus. Furthermore, the majority of the students ' perceptions towards the implementation of the syllabus were found to be very low. There was scarcity of curricula and instructional materials and shortage of time to implement the mathematics syllabus. Lack of technical and material supports, lack of communication and low attentions on the part of principals, department heads and administration were observed to be the major factors affecting the implementation of the syllabus. Consequently, there is a huge gap between what is intended in the syllabus and its implementation in the TVET institutions. Hence, to alleviate the problem encountered in the implementation of the syllabus, continuous teacher professional development, adequate provision of curricula and instructional materials for mathematics teachers, devising the ways for frequent discussions between teachers, department heads and principals and modifying or revising or changing the mathematics syllabus according to the needs 0/ the students and the objectives of the TVET programs after conducting an extensive national study are suggested.



Preparatory Mathematics Syllabus