Socio-Economic Challenges of Women with Disability: the Case of Women with Mobility disorder and Visual impairment in Hager Tibeb Maderaja Derijit in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study attempted to examine the Socio-economic challenges of women with disability in Hager Tibeb Maderaja Derijit, Addis Ababa. To meet this purpose qualitative study design were employed. Participants were selected through purposive sampling with preset criteria. The selection criteria included women with disability in the organization. Samples of 24 women with disability were considered for data collection. The data were collected mainly through interview, and FGD. The findings of the study showed that the women with disability experiences marital, social, educational, and employment challenges due to their disability`. Therefore, the study recommended that the community and the public at large need to be aware through social organizations and Medias about disability as a condition so that they will be able to understand the women with disability and provide the necessary support. As a result stigmatization and discrimination will be alleviated.



Hager Tibeb Maderaja Derijit in Addis Ababa