The Influence of E-Banking Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Ethiopian Banking Industry in Case of Nib International Bank S.C Addis Ababa

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he main purpose of the study is to examine the influence of e-banking service quality on customer satisfaction. The study conducted in Nib International bank Addis Ababa city selected branch. The sampling technique that the researcher was used convenience sampling due to time scarcity. The method of data collection was questionnaire and source of data was primary data. Regression, correlation and descriptive analysis was used to analyses the influence of e- banking service quality on customer satisfaction by using SPSS. The researcher used four independent variables such as reliability, convenience, responsiveness and speed. From the four variables convenience is the most significant effect on customer satisfaction followed by speed and responsiveness even though speed is negatively affected customer satisfaction. Reliability is the least significant effect on customer satisfaction. The higher service quality leads the greater customer satisfaction. The researcher recommends NIB to conduct ongoing research on service quality and customer satisfaction in order to understand customer level of satisfaction on what to be done and what strategies to be implemented and launch new product and service since customer now the service provided by NIB and other banks.



customer satisfaction, service quality