Factors Affecting Cadets Academic Performance in Ethiopian Military Academy

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The main purpose of this study was to assess factors affecting the cadet’s academic performance in the Military academy which is located 40 Km far to the West of the capital Addis Ababa. To achieve this objective a descriptive survey research design was employed and quantitative and qualitative research methods. Accordingly, a questionnaire was prepared to be filled by instructors, cadets and supporting staff for the quantitative part. For the qualitative, individual interviews observations, document analysis and group discussions were used. The Participants in the study were 145 cadets, 29 instructors, 23 supporting staff, 9 department heads as well as 4 commandants. Regarding the questionnaires, distributed to sample size of total 197 cadets, instructors and supporting staff respectively. 190 out of 197 distributed questionnaires were returned, producing an overall 96.5% return rate. Data obtained through questionnaires were analyzed and summarized by using statistical tools and entered into Statistical Package for the Social science (SPSS Version 20) software analysis for frequency, Percentage, mean and standard deviation were conducted. Interview respondents and group discussions were properly 100% participated. The findings from the data analysis revealed that most of the academic performance of cadets’ in the study area was determined by a variety of factors. Among these factors, cadets’ related factors such as self-motivation, lack of adequate effort and carelessness, Less amount of time invested on studying, abnormal relations, lack of self-confidence and inability to become well planned and organized were the most prominent factors that affect students’ academic performance. In addition, poor-availability of support system, lack of proper reading and exercising places, lack of experienced, qualified and role models, instructors, unable to make fair assessments, less commitment to exert and support cadet’s factors had a significant impact on cadets’ academic performance. Based on the findings it was concluded that: the military academy more give emphasis for organizational demands like operational tasks, military trainings and related activities than that of academic achievements. Finally, it was recommended that: the military academy has to work hard in improving the teaching learning facilities; cadet’s counseling services, minimizing cadet’s workloads and instructor’s qualification.



Military Academy, Academic Performance, Military Training, affecting factor